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What Are The Benefits Of A New Home Build?

When buying a new home, there are two options to start you off: purchasing a resale home (previously lived in), or a newbuild. Each choice offers a variety of pro’s and con’s but our goal with this article is to focus on new builds and the many benefits they offer. 


Your new home should be repair-free for at least the first three years. Anything that does need repairs at the beginning will likely be under warranty. As a homeowner, it’s nice to know you won’t have to worry about roof leaks, basements flooding or finding any electrical that’s not up to code. The peace of mind you get from a new build, really helps you settle in and enjoy your living space. 


A newly constructed home allows homeowners to customize any and everything. If you’re tall and want your counters to be higher, just ask for it. If you have mobility aids and need wider doorframes, consider it done. More or less windows, a skylight here or there, more closet space, open concept living, it’s all up to you. You’re also able to customize the outside of your home, which is really exciting. Choosing the colour of your siding or trim allows you to make a statement with your home. 


A new build will be equipped with modern appliances and features. Dishwashers, for example, may not be available in many older homes, and it can be difficult to add one because of the plumbing. With a new build, you can choose from a variety of modern technologies such as a home security system or geothermal flooring; a great way to warm up your basement. 


Choosing a new home means you can build with better construction materials, that will stand the test of time and weather. This is a huge benefit, not only will many of these materials last longer, they’re made with sustainability in mind. You’ll also be using new appliances, which will likely be Energy Star rated, and can add features like blown insulation to reduce your utility bills. 


You’ll hopefully be enjoying your new home for many years to come, but if or when you decided to sell, it’s nice to know that you can list it at a higher price than older homes nearby. 


It’s a real thing, just like a new car or a new book, you can expect that appealing and satisfying new home smell when you move in. This is on its own is a minor benefit, but when compared to the smells you may inherit from a resale home, it literally is a breath of fresh air. 


New homes are usually being built in areas where a neighbourhood is just starting to be established. Some communities are designed for young families, with parks and bike lanes to the nearby school. Other communities such as Bren-Lea Estates, for example, is a new subdivision in Hanover. It’s secluded and nestled among pine trees. Many of the homes being constructed here are retirement bungalows. Having an idea of who your new neighbours will be and knowing that you’ll fit right in is comforting.